Cenefits makes it easy for organisations to deliver community benefits in their projects at scale.

Cenefits is used to deliver:

  • Community Benefits
  • Community Wealth Building
  • Inclusive Growth
  • Social Value
  • Sustainable Procurement

Cenefits helps buyers to achieve value for money and positive outcomes for the wider economy, environment and society.

Whether it's creating skilled jobs and wealth in communities, driving the use of renewable or recycled materials, or nurturing equality and fairness in supply chains, Cenefits enables you to measure whether and how well these benefits are being achieved, and report on your successes to your colleagues, stakeholders and customers.

Why do you need Cenefits?

With Cenefits you can:

Automate the collection of evidence and feedback for the benefits in your projects, saving you time and money.

Measure performance against project targets and KPIs in real time through dashboards and Red / Amber / Green statuses.

Filter and download reports to help you to deliver your benefits, answer your stakeholders, and celebrate your successes.

Create benefit templates with bespoke questionnaires, giving you the full flexibility to define your own KPIs.

Share a single platform, where individual users from suppliers and delivery partners input data in a standard way.

Who else is using Cenefits?

Glasgow City Region City Deal selected Cenefits as the platform to deliver their integrated, regional approach to sustainable procurement.

They extensively tested Cenefits, sponsored major new features, and now use it to create their quarterly reports.

The City of Edinburgh Council issued an "Open Innovation Challenge" to design a solution to manage their community benefits.

Cenefits won the competition and worked closely with the Council's team to implement their design.

How much does Cenefits cost?

We charge an affordable monthly fee for Cenefits, which scales with the size of your organisation.

Micro Up to 30 users

300GB data storage, £300 +VAT per month

Small Up to 60 users

600GB data storage, £600 +VAT per month

Medium Up to 90 users

900GB data storage, £900 +VAT per month

Large Up to 120 users

1,200GB data storage, £1,200 +VAT per month

We can set up a free 1 month trial for your organisation within a day of you requesting it.

We charge a standard time-based rate of £600 +VAT per day for service design, data migration, bespoke training, API integration, and any other services.

For Public Sector Buyers, Cenefits is available as Cloud Software through the UK government's G-Cloud framework.

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